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The NFL Draft 2024

The NFL Draft 2024
Dr Stamper

Ephesians 4:2-6

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

TRUTH FOR TODAY: We have faith in Christ


Are you an NFL fan? This year’s draft of professional footballers was a fascinating process. In summary: teams spend millions analyzing athletes coming out of college (there are a few Canadian players drafted), then analysts review each team’s pick by giving an opinion about the quality of the choice by the team. The camera switches between the new draftee, fans cheering, and the team’s “draft room;” all the while comments fly back and forth from a variety of people in sports. 

If you listen closely, you’ll hear the word “athleticism” over and over again. It’s used like this, “Tom has great hands, amazing strength and speed, and he’s definitely one of the top linesmen in this draft. Teams are really big on this kid’s athleticism.” After a few minutes, you’ll notice its overuse. 

What do they mean when they use this word? Aren’t all professional athletes in football better athletes than the rest of us? Do they mean speed? Quickness? Strength? Ability to jump? Or is it everything that just means, “He’s even better than these other really great athletes?

In this selected passage from Ephesians, there is a word from the Apostle Paul that is used within Christian circles often: humble. The thought is, “Christians should be humble.” But my question is, “What do you mean by how you’re thinking of the word, ‘humble’?”

My perception is that people are using it to mean Christians should not be confident. And while “arrogance” might be debated, that is not the biblical meaning of humility. 

Another reading, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” James 4:10 

In essence, Christians do not think themselves better than anybody else as it pertains to our status before God. That is, we know we are separated from God as a natural state of the human condition. Nothing of our own merits has ever, or will ever, fix that separated state. And believers, “having been made low” (humbled) by God, are grateful for this awareness that points to a right relationship with God.

As to abilities, there is nothing wrong with knowing you have strengths in certain areas, and that other people have strengths in areas where you are less gifted. Specifically, you should be confident in Christ’s ability to save, confident in Holy Spirit’s promise to give you certain gifts, and confident in your status with God through Christ. 

We’re not better than other people. We are grateful God showed us the true state of our disconnect from reality. 

As you encounter people who do not believe in God, consider a confidence in the One who saves, restores, and renews. 

I don’t believe in myself. I believe in God. And God has given you, and every believer, specific resources needed to advance God’s kingdom on earth. 

There is no way to get the NFL to stop overusing subjective words like athleticism, physicality and my favorite, “freak.” In the meantime, perhaps you and I can reclaim “confidence in Christ” as a way of saying “humble.” 


PRAYER: “Holy Spirit, teach me in the way of Jesus today. Amen.”

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