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Women's Retreat Recap

Women's Retreat Recap
Cindy Mapes

"We learned about the unclean woman that was healed from Mark 5:25-34. We traveled to several continents beginning in Australia, learning of exotic animals and what a billabong is; then to Asia enjoying fortune cookies and a gift of a necklace; then to Europe where we could experience being a woman of loyalty; on to Antarctica to have hands on experiences of cold ice, warmness of penguin feathers, the peace found in a breeze or the mighty force of cold wind; then off to South America where travel groups "created" the perfect woman; next stop is Africa where we made blankets for babies to be donated, then back to North America. 

We shared laughter and tears, made new friends, and were rewarded with wonderful memories.  

Our journey of God's " Wonderfull World" showed us His beautiful creations. We were reminded, at each stop, how a woman's faith healed her.

Bill and Chris McCartney were terrific hosts, we had everything we needed. The food prepared for us was delicious!!!"

This is an annual event with sign-ups starting in the spring through the summer. There are several women's Bible studies and fellowship groups for women of all ages to join. Contact the office for specific information. A special "thank you" to Cindy Mapes for sending our Communications Team this Fall Women's Retreat recap and for taking pictures of the event. The theme was, "Wonderful World."